2017 COCM Feb-March Mini Bible Camp – The Book of Revelation

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Midlands Easter Conference (MEC) 2017

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From Zero to Hero
How we can be changed from an unworthy empty life to a meaningful abundant life in Christ? Zero means we are nothing before God and gain nothing out from the world - Hero means those people in Bible like in Hebrew 11 who are the 'hero of faith' and have abundant lives.

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2017 Oasis UK Pastoral Staff Retreat

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Love with Endurance – Marriage Conference Weekend

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1) respect for privacy, with no requirement to share in groups;
2) focus on biblical teaching;
3) learning from real-life examples;
4) using practice to help your marriage relationship

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List of COCM Major Camps in 2017

2017 cocm camp overview

List of COCM Major Camps in 2017

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Volunteer Recruitment


COCM’s volunteer scheme mainly uses our mission organization as a platform to recruit committed young Christians to take an active part in the ministry of our mission. Volunteers have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the frontline of the mission field, experience life as a missionary, receive practical training and learn to be like Jesus in His humble service.

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