Evangelise the ethnic Chinese in Europe with a higher priority for the significant groups that are least reached by existing churches and para-church organizations. Encourage new cross-cultural evangelism models to reach people speaking local languages.

Priority target groups:

Mainland Chinese students

The large number of Chinese students in the UK and Europe can be key leaders in future churches in the UK, Europe, China and the world. That’s why we need to send student workers to key university campuses and places with a concentration of Chinese students and partner with Chinese, English, and local churches, as well as other Christian organizations to reach out to these students.

New immigrants in Continental Europe and UK

The future Chinese immigrants to Europe will be mostly Mandarin speaking. There are many areas that do not have Mandarin speaking Chinese Christian churches/fellowships. COCM, with it’s headquarter in England, is close to Continental Europe with easy access for support. We will partner with like-minded local churches to develop effective models to minister to this people group. It is our desire to establish new churches/fellowships through pioneering evangelism in places where sizable new immigrants are least reached by other para-church organizations.

Local language speaking ethnic Chinese

Many children of settled ethnic Chinese are now growing up in Europe. They can be future leaders of local communities as well as potential missionaries to reach the Europeans. There is a severe lack of resources to help this group in both evangelism and discipleship. At the same time we need youth leaders to serve this generation and empower them to use the gifts that God has given them.