Love with Endurance – Marriage Conference Weekend

Cocm marriagecamp 2017 01

Theme: a weekend to change your marriage

1) respect for privacy, with no requirement to share in groups;
2) focus on biblical teaching;
3) learning from real-life examples;
4) using practice to help your marriage relationship

Language: Mandarin

Audience: married couples and couples preparing for marriage

Venue: COCM Mission Centre, 2 Padstow Avenue, Fishermead, Milton Keynes, MK6 2ES.

Time: 28/04 (Friday evening 6pm) -- 30/04 (Sunday afternoon 4:30pm) (Bank Holiday Weekend)

Fee: £95/pp

Contact: Xu Yu, COCM Conference Ministry, Tel: +44(0)1908 300 536 Email: events@cocm.org.uk

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