2015 Mandarin Easter Camp

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Journey together, growing in Christ through thick and thin
Journey together, supporting one another with brotherly love
Journey together, submitting to each other out of respect for Christ
Journey together, equipping to build up the body of Christ

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UK Pastoral Staff Retreat

Cocm oasis ecard 2015

恩泉 Oasis
UK Pastoral Staff Retreat

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COCM 2015 Camps List


Registers are welcome.
Any questions or doubts, please contact us.
Contact: Rebecca Mao
Email: events@cocm.org.uk
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Volunteer Recruitment


COCM’s volunteer scheme mainly uses our mission organization as a platform to recruit committed young Christians to take an active part in the ministry of our mission. Volunteers have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the frontline of the mission field, experience life as a missionary, receive practical training and learn to be like Jesus in His humble service.

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