2015 BEST-1-8 June Bible Camp 六月讀經營

Poster 2015 bible camp 6

Theme 主題: 約翰書信


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2015 BEST-1-9 SEP Bible Camp 九月讀經營

Poster 2015 bible camp 9

Theme 主題: 阿摩司書


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COCM 2015 Camps List


Registers are welcome.
Any questions or doubts, please contact us.
Contact: Rebecca Mao
Email: events@cocm.org.uk
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COCM Gospel Team Recruitment

Gospel team recruitment

COCM Gospel Team was established in 2010, we travel to different cities in the UK and European continent to organize gospel events for Chinese students between August and November each year. Recruitment for 2015 members is now open to the public, we welcome Christians who have the heart of spreading the gospel to join our team!

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Volunteer Recruitment


COCM’s volunteer scheme mainly uses our mission organization as a platform to recruit committed young Christians to take an active part in the ministry of our mission. Volunteers have the opportunity to gain an understanding of the frontline of the mission field, experience life as a missionary, receive practical training and learn to be like Jesus in His humble service.

義工申請表 瞭解詳情 Booklet